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Ask Amy: Time to sell a gift that has outlived a friendship

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We don’t have any desire to see them, but I don’t know how to react. Should I ghost her? Explain things? Let it all go?

– Confused

Dear Confused: Ghosting seems easy – you just ignore, but it gets complicated when others don’t read the signal and you run into them at the Safeway.

I vote for a phone call. You’ve posed the question, so you get to make the call.

Don’t blame or shame – but explain your interpretation of this long-ago event.

Dear Amy: “Judgmental Teen” was worried that she always judged others based on their clothing.

As a mother of three who lacked the altruistic gene, and who were quite judgmental, I urged them to volunteer.


By doing this they not only learned about people different from themselves, but it opened their hearts and whittled away their judgmental responses.

– Mom of Three!

Dear Mom: This is great advice. Thank you.


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