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Ask Amy: Messaging leads to romance, insecurity

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: About two years ago, I messaged “Bradley” on social media. (We're both gay.)

I complimented him on some pictures he posted.

He answered me, which led to steady messaging, which then led to phone calls. What impressed me was how often he took the initiative. I’d send a morning and afternoon message. The calls could go two or three hours, on a daily basis.

He told me he's shared more about his life with me than anyone else.

After several months of almost daily calls and messaging I told him that I love him. He's said the same to me. He really has become part of my life. We have talked about meeting.

Recently, he got a job out West, which means a move from his home state in the East.


I live in the Midwest.

Now my insecurities are kicking in. There are going to be big changes in his life, with a move and a new job. I can imagine him meeting in person other guys he's been in contact with.

I came into his life during a lull because of the pandemic.

He's assured me that we'll stay in touch. He says I mean a lot to him and he's deeply appreciative for all I've done to help and support him.


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