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Ask Amy: Retired teachers not fans of loan forgiveness

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I belong to a group of nine women who are all retired teachers of various ages. We have met monthly for 35 years.

We started this group because, although we worked for the same school district, several moved to different schools, and this was a way for us to stay connected.

In the past we have been respectful, loving, and supportive toward each other. Lately I have not been feeling the love, and I am devastated.

At our last meeting I announced, very proudly, that my daughter (also an educator) received loan forgiveness of $52,000.

My daughter has two master’s degrees and has been working with children for 20 years. She has paid promptly on her loans for 10 years now, and this debt forgiveness is truly a blessing.

When I mentioned this news – my goodness, you would have thought I told them she’d robbed a bank!


All but one person (who I had told earlier and was very supportive), expressed their opinions about the loan forgiveness program and how they were against their tax dollars helping my daughter.

I think I would have had a nicer reaction from a stranger at the supermarket.

It is still raw. How do I heal?

– Upset Teacher


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