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Ask Amy: Young military marriage leads to quick divorce

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In the meantime, research ways to “mute” her comments. You should be able to do this without her being aware of it.

Also – make sure you are engaging through the best social channels for your career. Your Nana probably isn’t on TikTok (but if she is, you should probably follow her lead).

Dear Amy: I appreciate your compassion regarding the loss of a pet.

My dear Labrador retriever passed away recently.

Agonizing about what to do when she was really struggling near the end of her life, I reached out to a national organization called Lap of Love (, that was incredible.

They provide in-house visits, hospice care, medical advice (telehealth), euthanasia, and pet loss support.

I am so grateful to the extremely kind and caring vet who helped us during a very difficult time.


– Missing my Dog in CT

Dear Missing my Dog: In-home hospice care for a dying animal is a true gift.


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