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Ask Amy: Young military marriage leads to quick divorce

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

As her supportive parent, you should encourage her to breathe, to take things step-by-step, and – yes, (if possible) you should offer to help her pack the U-Haul.

Dear Amy: I need some advice!

I am a young adult who is hoping to break into the music industry.

I use social media to network and connect with other artists — posting events, photos, etc.

My well-meaning Nana leaves comments and shares all my posts to her "page.”

It's completely embarrassing and comes across as unprofessional. How do I get her to stop without hurting her feelings or blocking her?



– Off Key

Dear Off Key: First of all … how sweet. I’m at the age and stage of life where I believe that proud Nanas are pretty cool.

Once you make it big(ger), you’ll be able to “own” this with pride. In fact, your Nana’s fandom could be your secret superpower. There might be clever ways for you to use her pride and engagement to promote your work. (A sample endorsement: “Goth’s Earworm: Easily as good as REO Speedwagon! (my Nana)”)


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