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Ask Amy: Partner is offended by tasteless gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My partner of 15 years thinks that I should ask my ex to contribute to the donation and make it from my ex and me.

I strongly disagree for a variety of very valid reasons. While I did meet this friend and his wife through my ex, I have maintained a friendship with them while my ex has not.

For a variety of very valid reasons, I only communicate with my ex-husband when absolutely necessary.

In spite of knowing all this, my partner still insists that he is right. I maintain that it is entirely inappropriate as my ex and I are no longer a couple.

And your opinion is...?

– Perplexed Re: The Ex


Dear Perplexed: I’m surprised that this is even up for discussion.

Let your partner know that joint donations between hardly speaking ex-spouses would be the exception – not the norm.

More important, this is your friend, your money, and your choice.

Dear Amy: Your advice to "Bay Area Stepmom Cook" was, as usual, tasteless.


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