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Ask Amy: Parents want to give daughter a nudge

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– Lacking in Love

Dear Lacking: Your wife should definitely consult with an ob/gyn.

Loss of libido for women can be related to a number of physical factors, and there are treatments available to mitigate these age-related changes.

I hope you can understand, however, what a loss this is for your wife. Losing your desire can be profoundly sad; it can also make you forget what having desire felt like, making it challenging to pursue treatment.

While you work on this, find ways to be physically close – without having sex.

If your wife doesn’t feel the pressure to have intercourse, being intimate with you should help to draw you two closer.

Dear Amy: I have to thank you for putting words to what I have felt in my own life, as the survivor of an abusive household.

“Adult survivors … don’t know what ‘script’ to follow.”


That’s me.

– Grateful for Insight

Dear Grateful: I hope you can write your own script – with a healthy and happy ending.


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