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Ask Amy: Parents want to give daughter a nudge

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My daughter is 34 years old, single, with no children. She’s intelligent and well educated.

Six months ago, she quit her job in another state and moved into our house. We welcomed her, but it was supposed to be temporary.

She seemed reluctant to come here to begin with, saying that she didn’t want to intrude into our lives. However, since arriving, she hasn’t even been looking for a job.

She says that she doesn’t know what she wants to do or what her abilities are.

She’s been sitting around on her phone all day and every day. She gets depressed about her life, but she’s not doing anything to try to change or improve her life.

My husband doesn’t want to push her. I feel that the longer we give her a free ride, the worse her life is going to be.


What should we do?

– A Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned: No able-bodied 34-year-old should quit a job without having another job or full-time educational opportunity lined up. Self-supporting people need to continue to support themselves, even during times when they’re not sure where they’re headed.

She needs to work! She needs the income to finance the current and next phase of her life. She also needs to experience the satisfaction and tolerate the frustration and fatigue of putting in a day’s work. As of this writing, the unemployment rate is a low 3.6 percent and employers are eager for workers.


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