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Ask Amy: Special needs child really needs good uncles

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It will be a small wedding, with less than 50 guests.

After sending our invitations, stating a start time of 2:30 p.m., one of my aunts texted and asked, “What time is the wedding? We have a conflict that we are working around. For us, if it was later in the day, it would be better… just saying!”

I know she received the invitation. I simply texted back that the wedding started at 2:30.

I later found out that her conflict is a garage sale she’s been planning to have.

This week, another uncle texted: “We’re just thinking about your wedding day. How late in the evening do you plan for the reception to go?”

Amy, I believe if this were not a gay wedding, these inappropriate questions would never be asked. I don’t think they consider this wedding “real.”


Am I overreacting in being offended?

– Two Grooms

Dear Grooms: I am so happy to report that you are not being discriminated against. How do I know this? Because on my own wedding day, people called and texted me asking what time the ceremony was, asked for directions to the church, and told me they were bringing extra guests.

I will be happy to run wedding-day stories from others, many of which will put your aunt’s and uncle’s advance requests in perspective.


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