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Ask Amy: Gal pals show their mean side

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Recently I have been out with a couple of different “gal pals” who openly and loudly ridiculed people in public who were significantly overweight/obese.

With several family members who fight weight problems, it really galls me.

In the first instance, I was so taken aback I could not reply; in the second situation, I briefly talked about eating disorders.

My pal “Marlene” didn’t get it. Her point of pride: "If that were me, I would lock myself in a room until I lost the weight. That’s all that man has to do."

Please suggest how I might respond in the future; I will not sit back and listen to rude comments and lack of understanding again.

Finding the right assertive words to support people is so needed in our world where people look, speak, or behave differently.


I don’t want to make enemies; I would rather help others understand.

Your ideas?

– From the Heartland

Dear Heartland: People of all sizes have the right to live in their bodies and walk around in public unremarked upon. They have the right to live amongst other humans without being judged and sneered at. These rights are pretty basic.


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