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Ask Amy: Dad wants eviction, not connection

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I have a sibling who visits their grave every day and takes pictures of the gravesite.

I don’t know why my sibling feels they must do this daily, but I do not like receiving pictures of the gravesite. I find it quite odd.

I believe this is a somewhat delicate situation, and don’t want to hurt their feelings.

How can I let them know I don’t want to receive the pictures?

– Sad Sibling

Dear Sad: Memorial Day isn’t too far off. If it is possible, you might want to visit your sibling and go to your folks’ gravesite together.

I hope you won’t judge the choice to visit these graves every day. Some people find cemeteries to be beautiful and quiet spaces inviting contemplation (I happen to be one of those people).

Tell your sibling: “These pictures of the gravesite really trigger my sadness. Can you do me a favor and not send them to me?”

Dear Amy: “H0 Scale” was burdened by a model train set moldering at his father’s house. His father seemed to want to dispose of the set, but both men seemed conflicted.


He could turn this "model" train connection with dad into many real train adventures.

There are many trains around North America offering scenic tours.

– Time Well Spent

Dear Time Well Spent: I love this idea.


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