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Ask Amy: Future family visit is rapid-tested

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My mom has invited me, my husband, and our two teenagers to her home for a special occasion dinner.

Our household, and my mom, have all been vaccinated and boosted for COVID.

My brother, who does not live with our mom and has no underlying conditions, is also vaccinated and boosted, but wants us to take a rapid test before arriving (according to our mom).

I am disappointed that my brother has put our mom in the middle of this.

I have notified our mother that we will not take a rapid test, which we feel is totally unnecessary at this point in the pandemic. If this is a problem, we will stay home.

My husband agrees with me.


Is my brother being unreasonable?

– Upset

Dear Upset: No, you are. Vaccinated people get and spread COVID to other vaccinated people. And a person can have the virus in early stages and not be aware of it, something a rapid test would reveal.

As an elder, your mother might suffer worse symptoms than you would if she got the virus.


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