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Ask Amy: Tragic accident creates trauma response

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Recently, I was in a car accident involving a young man who tried to commit suicide by jumping into my car’s path.

My 2-year-old was in the car with me but (thankfully) doesn't seem to have noticed when I hit the man.

The man survived and I found out (through the police who arrived on the scene) that he had jumped into another car’s path a few minutes before.

I was simply the next car to come along.

The man admitted to both the paramedics and the police that he jumped in front of my car with the intent of killing himself. Several officers tried to reassure me that I wasn't in trouble and that I did nothing wrong.

Amy, I can't stop running the events through my head (and, unfortunately, I am having to repeat myself and relive it in dealing with my insurance company).


I feel like I'm drowning in what-ifs.

I think therapy would be beneficial to help me with this traumatic event, but I don't know where to start.

Could you steer me toward some resources?

– What-if


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