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Ask Amy: Mother struggles to disclose long-ago affair

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Be as organized as possible, and use the move as a reason to “downsize” your possessions.

Get help! Packing is always more time-consuming than you expect it to be. Research quotes from moving companies. Some will wrap and pack much of your stuff, and it might be worth the cost.

Ask a friend who will basically let you order her around for a day or two for help. (Friends who will help you move are worth their weight in beer.)

If you have children, ask them to pack and label some of their own boxes. One parent or family member might want to take the kids to the new location one day before the movers come, if possible.

At least one evening, you will sit at the kitchen table, exhausted, surrounded by boxes and drinking from a mayonnaise jar because you’ve packed all your glasses. Toast your own survival – and the adventure ahead.

Dear Amy: Oh, that infuriating letter from “I Miss Her,” the woman who was upset because her grieving sister-in-law who had lost a baby couldn’t delight in others’ baby celebrations.

Thank you for this line: “…from where I sit it seems less like a shot across the bow and more like an anguished cry in the dark.”


– Fan

Dear Fan: The anguish here was palpable.


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