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Ask Amy: Estrangement follows police 'wellness check'

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My parents raised me Catholic, but they know that I left the Church a long time ago.

What can I do about them proselytizing to me?

Should I just ignore their texts?

Should I ask them to stop?

I left Catholicism a long time ago, and don’t care to return.

– Gay Son


Dear Son: To point out the obvious, you may believe that the Catholic church may have left you before you left the church.

Yes, you should ask your parents to stop proselytizing to you. Tell them that when they do this, it pushes you farther away from them.

If you have left the church but retained your Christian faith, they might be relieved if you told them this.

If they continue, yes – ignore these texts, but don’t ignore your parents. They may be afraid that they are losing you (or have already lost you), and their efforts are misguided and misapplied.


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