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Ask Amy: Co-worker worries working with accused harasser

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Recently, and much to my dismay, she has taken to saying them when my partner is out of earshot.

– Childless Punching Bag

Dear Childless: If you and your partner can’t seem to stop his mother, perhaps you should lean in.

She makes her dog comment, and you smile and reply: “That’s right! So say hi to your ‘grand-pup.’ He’s a very good boy and loves ear scritches.”

Dear Amy: Thank you for mentioning in your column that it is long past time for us to retire the phrase “maiden name” regarding a woman’s birth surname.

It’s been a long time since I’ve known any “maidens.”


– A Fan

Dear Fan: Use of the word “maiden” to describe a woman’s identity before marriage might seem charmingly “vintage,” but I say it’s long-past time to retire it.


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