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Ask Amy: Friendship falters on anti-vaxx posts

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I met “Shari” through other friends. We got along well, and always had a great time. I thought we had an amazing bond.

However, once the pandemic hit, I started to see a different side of her.

She is very anti-vaxx and has refused to acknowledge the seriousness of the pandemic. She has ramped up the anti-vaxx posts on social media.

I did send her a message about one post, stating that it wasn't true, and she sent a tirade back at me, rehashing a number of points about COVID-19 and the vaccine that are all untrue.

I don't make friends easily. I have serious trust issues, but I don't see being able to maintain a friendship with someone who is so diametrically opposed to my values and views.

I am willing to accept her being against vaccinations, but she is posting pure falsehoods, and is argumentative when called out with facts, stating that anyone who disagrees with her or counters her arguments is brainwashed by the government and media.


I keep thinking that once we get past the pandemic, maybe things will be better.

I try not to bring it up, but when I see some of the posts, and when we are together with other friends, it comes up.

I put my head down and keep quiet, but this is eating me up.

My challenge is – how do I end the friendship? I am afraid to end it, as we are part of a group of friends, and if I need to pull my friendship away from her, I will lose those friends, who are my only friends right now.


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