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Ask Amy: Family feud is sparked by tragic loss

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband and his sister have been feuding for almost a year.

This began when she told us via email that she couldn’t bear to see me pregnant at my baby shower. They argued over the phone, and it intensified through text messages and emails.

The previous year she had a baby that died soon after birth.

This baby had a known genetic condition. It was a scary time for the whole family, as my sister-in-law was constantly in and out of the hospital — and nearly lost her life.

We made many three-hour trips to help support her, her husband, and their five-year-old daughter.

She knew we were struggling with fertility, but when she found out I was pregnant, she seemed offended. She sent an email detailing her difficult emotions surrounding my pregnancy.


She did come to my baby shower last year, but has not met our baby — her new (and only) nephew.

She went on to have a healthy baby, who is only six months younger than our child. We would like to meet her new baby.

My husband and his sister used to be very close. He says he would like to repair their relationship. He found a family counselor and presented his sister with the information.

She said she is not ready.


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