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Ask Amy: Family reacts with anger after sudden death

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

In this case, the cause of death has not been announced, and you are making assumptions that you really shouldn’t make.

According to you, your sister-in-law has been a long-time anti-vaxxer, and has continued to spread falsehoods regarding the COVID vaccine.

It seems logical that you would have been skeptical regarding her claims to having been vaccinated, and yet you took her word for it.

For now, you should process this death with as much compassion as you can muster for “Sarah,” and especially her children.

You have the opportunity to be present, kind, and useful to these children, and I hope you will choose to step up for them, regardless of what you think of their mother.

Dear Amy: I have been a teacher in my current position for five years.


I teach at a “rough” school in a “rough” district.

I love my students and my job.

I am a very reserved person and I mostly keep to myself to avoid the negativity that lingers in the staff lounge.

In my time at the school, I have only two people whom I consider to be friends. These are people I trust to discuss matters both personal and professional.


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