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Ask Amy: Overwhelmed mom wants to pack it in

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

(I could be wrong, but I’m not aware of men doing this to one another.)

Your own self-criticism takes up where your perception of what others are thinking leaves off.

You should take a fresh look at how your home life is structured. Pull back on obligations that are pushing you too far. For instance, one or more of your children might benefit from in-school instruction. Have you considered this? Are you co-schooling with other parents in order to share the load – and to feel less alone?

Your husband is missing a LOT. Can he cut back on his hours?

When he is home on Saturdays, you should leave it all behind for at least three hours. Meet a friend, go for coffee, take a fitness class.

You and your husband also need to nourish your own relationship, as adults and without children (kids’ birthday parties don’t count).


It can be very challenging to pull this off, but it would be worth it.

Dear Amy: My cousin's 33-year-old daughter (with three children) just committed suicide.

What can I say to her?

– Horrified


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