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Ask Amy: Overwhelmed mom wants to pack it in

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My husband and I were both offended.

Lately, I feel even more aware that SAHM moms are looked down upon (even though I thought the pandemic changed that perception).

I feel exhausted, hurt, and resentful. I feel like quitting.

I feel like packing up and leaving. And I've never admitted that to anyone.

– Stuck SAHM

Dear Stuck: You have admitted your darkest impulse.


And, with that, I want to welcome you into the fold.

Every full-time parent (especially those with multiple young children) will reach moments where they want to pack it in.

Stay-at-home moms feel judged. Single moms feel judged. And every mom working outside the home also feels judged.

And who is doing the judging? Other women are.


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