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Ask Amy: Friendship falters over bungled gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I’ve told her that we don’t allow pets on the furniture (we have had pets before).

How do I get to see my darling daughter without Spot?

— Spot’s Granny

Dear Granny: It doesn’t sound as if you have emphasized the fact that you cannot have this dog in your home.

It sounds as if you are going to have to train your daughter and her son the way they should be training their dog. Keep it simple. Repeat as often as necessary.

Say, “I know you love “Spot,” but until he is more manageable, I simply can’t handle having him in the house. I’d be happy to revisit this once he is more mature and better trained.”

Dear Amy: When I go out in public, I sometimes wear a hat that says “U.S. Navy Veteran Proudly Served.”

Frequently, someone will say, “Thank you for your service.”


What is an appropriate, gracious response?

— WW II Vet

Dear Veteran: You could respond: “Thank you for saying that. It was my honor to serve our country.”


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