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Ask Amy: Friendship falters over bungled gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I think you should let her go, without further conversation. At some point she will force herself upon you, and you can tell her that your friendship has simply run its course. If it would give you any satisfaction to explain why, then you should do so — but understand that she could expand any explanation into a protracted conversation.

I think she’s already talked enough.

Dear Amy: I have a lovely daughter and wonderful son-in-law. I adore them both.

Recently they got a puppy. Unfortunately, “Spot” has turned into a huge, out of control adult dog.

We live in the same city.

Whenever they come to visit, they bring Spot with them.


He is huge, unruly, untrained (has accidents in our house), chews furniture, etc.

I try to step in with “No!” and “Down boy!” and occasionally my daughter and her hubby chime in as well, but the dog is clearly the one in charge.

I love to see them, but I feel trapped in this routine where, if I want to see my daughter, I have to put up with Spot.

I don’t know why they think we don’t mind about the dog. I’ve told them that we do.


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