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Dad is horrified to learn there's a gun in the house

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I have news for you: A locked bedroom door is no match for this weaponry; as I write this, just five days ago a father in South Carolina tragically shot and killed his own 23-year-old daughter through a closed door -- when he mistook her for an intruder.

I agree with your ultimatum; I also weep that there is yet another (likely unsafe) gun owner in this country.

Dear Amy: My older brother committed suicide about two years ago.

He was not married and did not have children. He struggled with alcohol addiction for most of his adult life. We were unsuccessful in helping him to kick his addiction.

I still see my brother's profile whenever I use Facebook, and it is incredibly painful for me. I get notifications and reminders, see his photos and wall posts, and get reminded to wish him a happy birthday or to contact him.

I want to have his profile gone forever, but my younger sister wants to "memorialize" his page, so we can still see it.


I don't want to see it again, ever, as it's just a painful reminder to me of our failure to help him, and that he's no longer here.

Any recommendations?

-- Grieving Sibling

Dear Grieving: I vote for memorializing your brother's page. Instructions on how to do this are readily available through the Facebook "Help" section (search key word "deceased"). The process is somewhat involved and requires proof of death, and a request sent to Facebook.


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