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Engaged couple's relationship is in escrow

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am recently engaged. We have been together for almost three years.

Like all new couples, we have had our rough patches but we worked through them.

We just bought a house! Except, in reality HE just bought a house.

I asked to take a loan out together, but he refused and said he wanted to get it alone.

I told him I did not feel comfortable paying a mortgage for a house that was not equally ours. Well -- that didn't matter, because here we are.

He asked me to help with the down payment. I agreed, with the condition that I would be added to the title. He agreed to my conditions, and the day of the closing I was there to sign paperwork in exchange for the funds.


He looked straight into my eyes and promised me I would be added to the title as soon as possible.

It's now a month later, and here we are.

Now he is telling me he does not feel comfortable adding me to the title until after we are married. We have not yet set a date. He says he wants to protect himself. I understand, but my trust and respect for him have been deeply affected.

His solution is to either give me back my funds, or to sell me the house for what he paid for it.


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