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Partners tussle over drunken mother

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- Miffed Midwest Mom

Dear Miffed: If your daughter doesn't feel welcome in your home, then yes, you have no choice but to go to where she is to spend time with her.

You have the happy task of telling your husband that he is right. He does have no say in the matter.

Dear Amy: "Bewildered Bride" didn't want children under 10 at their reception. My aunt and uncle did the same thing many years ago.

Our two cousins (who were 10 and 11) were invited to the wedding, but those of us who were between 6 and 8 were not. It hurt us at the time, although we laugh about it now.

It would have been kinder to have a cut-off age of 18 or 21.

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-- A (still) Loving Niece

Dear Niece: Nine-year-olds everywhere are with you.


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