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Sudden plan to move ties partner in knots

By Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

-- Angry

Dear Angry: The most charitable explanation is that your stylist made a mistake. Her way of covering for it, however, is inexcusable. You should take photos and yes, definitely contact the stylist and owner, expressing your dismay about the way this was handled, and letting them both know that they have lost a regular customer.

Dear Amy: "Lovesick Rider" thought his bus driver might be interested in a romantic relationship.

I organized a "Roots" trip of cousins to Cornwall, England, where we had the same coach driver for four days.

A widowed cousin found there was a spark with our driver and went back to England to see him again.

They were married two years later. I say, Go for it!

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-- Accidental Matchmaker in Omaha

Dear Matchmaker: I love this story.


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