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How to make smart changes when you have Type 2 diabetes

The French Chef, Julia Child, was a CIA intelligence officer before she moved to Paris with her husband at the age of 36 and discovered the joy of cooking. That's a pretty big lifestyle change! Well, if you're overweight or obese and have Type 2 diabetes, it's also a great idea to make far-reaching lifestyle changes. A new study reveals how to ...Read more

More proof that cancer is sweet on sugar

Beyonce made a cool $50 million partnering with Pepsi. Britney Spears also raked in a truckload as a famous frontperson. You wonder if they would have done it if they knew just how dangerous it is for them to drink sugar-sweetened sodas.

A new study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention shows that women who drink sugar-laced...Read more

Broadband protection: Promote heart health and KO cancer

Over 30% of U.S. adults watch movies on their digital devices several times a week thanks to broadband technology and higher connection speeds. Well, it turns out that you can get broadband health results flowing your way, too -- through your cardiovascular connections! In a study published in JACC: CardioOncology, researchers found good heart ...Read more

Alternative milks

Tom Robbins, author of "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues," once said, "You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans." A 1960s point of view, perhaps. The 2020s point of view is that you shouldn't hesitate to trade cow's milk in for a glass of soy, oat or almond milk. Is that a smart trade?

Almond milk contains no ...Read more

Want your nutrition to mushroom? Then mushrooms it is

Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he's a fungi! But there's so much more to a mushroom than a good time! A new study in Food & Nutrition Research uncovered the amazing nutritional bounty the happy 'shroom can add to your diet.

About five medium white button mushrooms or 3 ounces (84 grams) of cremini or portabellas increase the ...Read more

Is arthritis pain making your lose sleep? Try this

In the 2002 movie "Insomnia," Al Pacino plays a Los Angeles detective looking for a suspect in the land of the midnight sun -- an Alaskan town named Nightmute (we kid you not). His character, Dormer, is racked with insomnia caused by personal and professional problems and the endless daylight.

For the 32.5 million Americans with osteoarthritis,...Read more

More risks associated with artificial sugars

When Matchbox Twenty sang, "I just want to make you go away/ But you taste like sugar/ Yeah, you taste like sugar," they could have been talking about saccharine, sucralose, aspartame and acesulfame potassium -- and that would have been a really smart for the health of the quartet. (They've struggled to keep their once robust popularity.)

...Read more

Directed daydreaming -- the rewards are huge

The Monkees recorded "Daydream Believer" in 1967, and it topped the charts at No. 1. Believing in daydreams has always been a winning idea. Now researchers have confirmed that. They suggest that when you turn your idle thoughts to daydreaming about pleasant memories, a future accomplishment or an event you're looking forward to, you boost your ...Read more

Diabetes, inflammation and cancer

When wildfires sweep across California, the risk of respiratory distress increases. In the summer and fall of 2018, the smoky air in San Francisco was as toxic as smoking a half a pack of cigarettes a day.

When a wildfire hits your body in the form of chronic inflammation, it's a serious health hazard too. If you have prediabetes or full-blown ...Read more

Catching up with kombucha

When the cartoon program "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" premiered in 1969, hardly anyone in the U.S. had heard of the ancient Chinese brew kombucha, a fermented drink that's made from tea, sugar and a glob of yeast and bacteria called a SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeasts). But recently, kombucha has become one of the top-selling ...Read more

One more way to strengthen your immune system

In "Parks and Recreation," Chris Pratt was a lovable tubby; today, as one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he's toned and healthy. Making $10 million a movie may be an incentive, but you don't have anything if you don't have your health -- and his amazing exercise routine has given him a lot of valuable perks.

Turns out exercise doesn't just ...Read more

Calming down your cold sore outbreaks

Everyone from Rihanna and Paris Hilton to Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt has been photographed with cold sores. There's no shame in that. According to the Mayo Clinic, "about 90% of adults worldwide -- even those who've never had symptoms of an infection -- test positive for evidence of the virus that causes cold sores."

Why you get a flare-up...Read more

Added fructose is far worse for you than you know

"We City Folk can pretend that we prefer the rotgut from Starcorps with skim milk and Splenda, but who are we kidding? Maxwell House with French vanilla corn syrup cannot be beat." Tina Fey in her book "Bossypants" summed up America's self-destructive love affair with added fructose -- especially high-fructose corn syrup --pretty accurately. The...Read more

Is sleep apnea giving you memory problems?

Amy Poehler (5 feet, 2 inches tall) and Shaquille O'Neal (7 feet, 1 inch tall) see eye to eye on one thing: Sleep apnea can ruin your life if you don't manage it correctly. Both use a CPAP device at night to maintain steady breathing and uninterrupted sleep. Amy says the therapy "helps you win at life," and Shaq reports that it helps him get ...Read more

You can't whitewash white bread's dangers

Around 150 B.C., wealthy Romans decided they wanted white bread, made in mechanical dough mixers powered by donkeys, to distinguish themselves from the lower classes who ate bread made from unrefined whole grains. That obsession with pale loaves of bread has persisted to this day.

Each American eats about 53 pounds of bread a year -- and ...Read more

The power of five -- servings a day

"Five Easy Pieces," Jack Nicholson's 1970 film, gave us one way (not recommended) to order breakfast if you want tomatoes and whole-wheat toast with your omelet but that's not allowed. Fortunately, it isn't actually that hard to get your daily dose of healthy fruits and vegetables -- especially now that we know the basic formula to shoot for: ...Read more

COVID-19 symptoms: Seven signs you should get a test

The madness of King George is well known -- but it wasn't until 2005 that researchers discovered his symptoms of a rare inherited metabolic disorder were aggravated by arsenic in medication he was taking.

Knowing what symptoms are associated with a disease is essential so you can know if you should see a doctor -- and for a doc, it's essential ...Read more

Allergy news: Handling early sneezes and wheezes

Sneezing can be funny. Comedian Henny Youngman thought so: "When God sneezed, I didn't know what to say." But whatever you think about your sneezing and wheezing, as allergy season blooms, one thing's for sure -- it's arriving sooner and lingering longer with more intensity than ever before.

A new study in the Proceedings of the National ...Read more

A heart-healthy pregnancy isn't just for you

When Serena Williams was pregnant in 2017, she won the Australian Open, and you can bet her heart was filled with joy -- and healthy. That promises good things for her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. According to a new study in JAMA Network, mom's heart health while pregnant has a lot to do with her child's heart health during ages 10 to 14...Read more

More RealAge data -- what's making you age prematurely?

In "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Brad Pitt's character is born old -- with arthritis, cataracts and osteoporosis -- and becomes younger as the years pass, dying as an infant who'd lived for eight decades. Not the scenario researchers were contemplating when they looked at data from the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety to ...Read more



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