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Ring in the Baby

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A small study found that the Oura Ring, which contains sensors to monitor body temperature, appears to do a pretty good job of detecting pregnancies. Researchers found that nightly temperatures measured by the ring were higher two to nine days after sex that led to conception.

"If women know that they're pregnant sooner, they can make choices about their life that they might not know to make otherwise," study co-author Benjamin Smarr told STAT.

Sounds Like a Problem

Noise and learning don't mix. Spanish researchers followed 2,680 students in second to fourth grade at 38 schools in Barcelona for a year, testing their attentiveness and working memory every three months.

They found that children exposed to road traffic noise at school had slower attention and working memory development compared with children in quieter schools. Inside the classroom, noise fluctuation mattered more than noise intensity. And road traffic noise at home did not make a difference in the children's progress on cognitive tests.

Body of Knowledge


The vast majority of people's noses are within their field of vision. We don't see the ends of our noses because our brain has trained itself to ignore it.

Get Me That, Stat!

Through October 2021, there were 72.94 more COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people in Republican counties in the U.S. (counties where 70% or more of the votes were cast for Donald Trump in 2020) than in Democratic counties, according to a study published in Health Affairs.

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