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Medical Myths

Some parents insist that 4-year-old boys have a spurt of testosterone, which explains their challenging behavior at that age. In fact, there is no evidence that such a spurt exists. Raised levels of testosterone are not possible when the testes, where testosterone is made, are small and triggering hormone levels are low.

There are rises in testosterone during a boy's development, which coincide with major brain development, but these don't happen at the age of four. They happen at puberty, and testosterone doesn't "spurt." Rather levels in the body gradually increase, accelerating in mid- to late-puberty.



"I'm Swedish. Pass the lutefisk." -- Headstone of Genevieve Adeline Batty (1918-2005) who grew up in the Swedish community of Lindsborg, Kansas. Lutefisk is codfish marinated in lye until it's acidic enough to cause a chemical burn, at which time it is soaked in water and steamed into an odiferous, gelatinous dish.


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