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Caring About the Caregivers

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Most family members and unpaid caregivers looking after older adults say they feel listened to when talking with the adults' health care providers. But a new survey highlights two areas where they say they could use more help.

1. Access to clinicians. Fewer than half of caregivers surveyed said they actually interact with doctors.

2. Almost half of caregivers said they were never asked about needing help tending to the person under their care, while about 20% said they were always asked.

Body of Knowledge

At rest, your stomach holds about 7 ounces of stomach acid and bile. It has the expansive capacity to hold nearly a half-pound of food at one time, if necessary. The average capacity is about 32 ounces or one-quarter gallon.



69: Percentage of Americans surveyed who support keeping in place the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling (protecting a pregnant woman's liberty to seek an abortion without excessive government restriction).

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

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Palpebral fissure: the elliptic space between your upper and lower eyelids -- in other words, the part of your eye visible to others when your eyes are open. In adults, this space roughly measures about 10 millimeters vertically and 30 millimeters horizontally but varies considerably by individual.


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