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As marijuana use increases, there's increasing interest and debate over its broader health effects. One area of contention is the impact of cannabis upon cardiovascular health. In a paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers looked at 24 observational studies that examined adults using any form of marijuana and potentially related effects on cardiovascular function and health.

Although six of the studies suggested a metabolic benefit from cannabis, the scientists concluded that all of the data was insufficient and inconclusive due to the studies' designs, limitations, scope and variation.

Blue Sighs

Poor air quality is the biggest environmental threat to public health but if you're thinking about of going to where breathing is best, you'll need a passport. A new analysis reports Switzerland has done the best job to clean up air pollution, followed by France, Denmark, Malta and Sweden.

The United States comes in 27, penalized for pollution risk factors like deforestation and greenhouse gas emission. The U.S. trailed countries like the U.K., Japan and Canada.

India and Bangladesh were at the bottom of the rankings, along with Burundi, Nepal and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Body of Knowledge

The average red blood cell lives for about four months. You contain roughly 2.5 trillion of them at any given moment, with about 2.5 million new red blood cells produced per second to replace those that have died.

Life in Big Macs

One hour of typing burns 102 calories (based on a 150-pound person) or the equivalent of 0.1 Big Macs. Typing this earned me one sesame seed.


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