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Dietary fat has long been considered a dirty word and something to be avoided. But a new international study suggests that when it comes to living longer, the bigger villain may be overabundant carbohydrates.

The published PURE study looked at the eating habits of 135,000 adults in 18 countries representing diverse demographics over more than seven years. It found that participants with the highest dietary fat intake (35 percent of daily calories) were 23 percent less likely to have died during the study than those with the lowest fat intake (10 percent). Rates of various cardiovascular diseases were the same across the board, but strokes were less common among higher fat eaters.

The reverse was true for carb consumption. Consumers at the high end (77 percent carbs daily) were 28 percent more likely to have died than those as lowest (46 percent).

The study was observational, so it cannot prove cause and effect, but study authors said the findings suggest a longer lived diet would be rich in fruits, beans, seeds, vegetables and fats, with a bit of whole grain and very little in refined carbohydrates and sugars.

Body of Knowledge

The average person will grow six feet of nose hair over a lifetime.


Get Me That, Stat!

Consumers of marijuana are 75 times more likely than others to eat fast food five times or more in a given week, according to Consumer Research Around Cannabis, a national survey firm specializing in cannabis-related topics

Life in Big Macs

One hour of grooming (shaving, styling hair, brushing teeth, etc.) burns 136 calories, (based on a 150-pound person) or the equivalent of 0.2 Big Macs.


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