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Recurring UTI or reinfection? Treatments differ

By Keith Roach, M.D. on

--Keep light and sound levels low for the two hours before bedtime (this also means little or no screen time -- computer, tablet, phone, reader, etc.).

--Avoid daytime naps: If you do nap, make it no more than 20-30 minutes, and not in the late afternoon.

--Don't force sleep: If you know you can't sleep, get out of bed. You don't want to associate your bed with frustration or worry.

--Keep similar sleep and wake times throughout the week.

People who still need help despite good sleep hygiene may benefit more from cognitive-behavioral therapy than from medications. If this is unavailable or ineffective, then medication trial should be based on the person's medical condition and the type of insomnia. I'm afraid I can't give a specific medication recommendation that would be appropriate for all of my readers.

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