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Timesaving tips for cooking healthy meals

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Living a busy, fast-paced life can make it hard to find the motivation to cook a healthy meal at home.

However, learning some shortcuts in the kitchen can keep your healthy eating goals on track and help you avoid grazing on unhealthy snacks, grabbing the first thing you see in the fridge or going out for fast food.

Why cook at home?

Research shows that maintaining a healthy weight is challenging when you eat out too frequently. Restaurant portions often are super-sized and can easily contain a day's worth of calories and sodium.

With a bit of planning, cooking at home can be doable and enjoyable.

Timesaving strategies


Menu planning is one of the best ways to cook healthy meals. Sure, meal planning takes time on the front end. But if done right, it saves you valuable time in the kitchen.

One easy way to start meal planning is to pencil in theme nights, such as:

•Meatless Monday

•Taco Tuesday


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