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Should you get a vasectomy after Roe decision? Doctors explain how it works

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After a week or two, patients can start having sex again. But the doctors said it’s important to know that people who had the procedure aren’t protected from pregnancy right away.

“You’re not instantly sterile right after a vasectomy,” Nangia said. Based on the American Urological Association guidelines, Nangia said patients need to wait at least three months and must ejaculate at least 20 times before they clear all the sperm and are considered sterile.

In the meantime, other birth control methods need to be used to prevent pregnancy. After waiting three months and ejaculating at least 20 times, patients have to revisit their doctor for a sperm analysis to make sure they have cleared all the sperm.

Do people still have semen after a vasectomy?


Yes. People still have semen and are able to ejaculate after having a vasectomy. However, there will be no sperm in the semen.

How much do vasectomies cost?

If you are uninsured, the procedure can cost up to $1,000. Some insurance covers vasectomy, so if you are insured, it’s best to contact your provider to see how much the procedure will cost for you.

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