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She uses tarot cards to discuss mental health, and at least 89,000 people are paying attention

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PHILADELPHIA -- When Jessica Dore decided to pursue a career as a therapist she worried about how those in the field might perceive her other, less-than-orthodox pursuit.

"I had all kinds of fears about coming out as a tarot card reader," she said. "What would people think and say, particularly in the mental health community?"

Dore came out quietly, posting a tarot card a day to her 2,000 or so followers on Twitter. She captioned each card not with prophecies but with powerful insights she'd learned about mental health.

That was two years ago. Today Dore, 33, of West Mount Airy -- a graduate student of clinical social work -- has more than 89,000 Twitter followers who eagerly await her daily tarot tweets.

For instance, on Aug. 7, she posted "The World" tarot card and wrote: "Whatever is troubling you, zoom out, just for a moment, for you've forgotten that you are part of something much, much bigger than this experience of separation & selfhood you're having. We can hold that, too, there is space for it. But please let's hold it lightly."

One follower responded: "I needed this reminder. Thank you."

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Another wrote: "Again surprised as to how on point your posts have been for me Now I'm a believer."

But as prophetic and unique as Dore's posts may seem, they aren't specific to any one person. Instead, they speak to the human experience as a whole. And therein, lies the comfort they provide.

"I think that's really soothing for people to realize 'Oh. I'm not the only one that's having this very specific experience,'" she said.

Dore's biggest secret, perhaps, is that her popular tarot card account isn't really about tarot cards at all.


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