What Is Cannabis Indica? And Which Strains Are Best?

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Anecdotal evidence has it that sativa strains will energize and inspire you while indica ones will put you to sleep and make you feel relaxed. But this isn’t necessarily true.

If you happened to ask a dozen smokers their favorite strain, you would probably come up with a dozen different answers. Some prefer a hit that will knock their socks off, while some would prefer a mellow, relaxed stone. Some are looking for a head high while others just want to feel their bodies relax.

How does an indica high feel like? When you hear a seasoned user asking for a strain that’s “fire”, “bomb” or “loud”, he’s probably referring to a potent indica strain.

Join us as we explore the mellow, relaxing stone of indica as well as take a better look at its properties. What Is Indica? Cannabis indica originated from the Middle East. To be more specific, it has its roots in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet. The cultivars of cannabis indica are shorter than sativa plants and they generally have a broader, bushy appearance with dark-green leaves. They are popular with home growers because they have high yields within a shorter duration.

For the longest time, indica strains have been associated with a strong body high which is also referred to as couch lock. However, not all indica strains act in this way, especially when the strain is a hybrid. What Does Indica Feel Like? The typical Indica high can be described as being a mellow, relaxed stone.

Indica’s effect on the human body is usually referred to as being “stoned” or having a “body high.” This means that you are likely to feel its effects throughout your body as opposed to in your head. You are bound to feel very relaxed, which could eventually lead to a feeling of drowsiness and even sedation. Indica highs also tend to enhance your other senses like sound, smell and touch.


Its high could also be described as a lethargic, one that is almost a “lazy body high.”

Despite being profoundly relaxing, the body high could sometimes be heavy, giving you the urge to just sit on the couch and relax. This effect is commonly referred to as “couch lock”.

Though indica strains are believed to cause your attention span to become shorter, you might be surprised that they could inspire creativity.

Most prominently, indica strains are known to give relief. They have the ability to give relief from anxiety, stress, body pain, migraines and spasms. They can also help in the relaxation of muscles as well as reduction in the frequency of seizures. As a whole, indica strains are known to fight nausea and depression.


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