The Best CBD To THC Ratio To Look For In Your Cannabis Products

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Comprehending CBD to THC Ratios

More than 70% of the marijuana products sold at legit stores are THC-dominant strains with very low CBD content present in them. Some of the common ratios inscribed on the containers of cannabis products include 1:1, 5:1, 10:1, etc.

What is the correlation of these numbers to your wants?

The ratio depicts the percentage of CBD to the amount of THC content present in the product. It is important to state that the ratio is quite different from the quantity of these compounds in the product.

For example, in a product with a 1:1 ratio, both compounds have equal amounts in each dose of the product.

Best CBD:THC Ratio in Cannabis


There isn’t a widely accepted best ratio for cannabis. All ratios have an advantage over each other. So, it all depends on the user’s preferences and reason for using.

Each ratio group will be explained here, along with their advantages. 1:1 Equal Ratio This implies a uniform dose of both compounds in the product. This provides a less intense buzz that does not inhibit normal body functions and activities.

These types of products are preferred for taking the stress off daily activities. High CBD, Low THC This includes products with 5:1, 12:1, 3:1, ratios. These products induce intense relief and calm. It is used medically to offset anxiety symptoms and a very fast heart rate.

The ‘high’ effects seen here are very subtle. High THC, Low CBD These forms of products have 1:2, 1:5, etc written in them. This ratio implies that a  rewarding high with a subtle amount of CBD will be achieved.


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