How To Spot A Fake Vape Cartridge Before You Buy It

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

The cannabis vape cartridge market has experienced an increase in the number of fake products, especially in unregulated states.

Vaping is an amazing way of enjoying cannabis. Yes, smoking directly and even munching on edibles are great, but vaping is rapidly becoming the preferred method of consumption for most cannabis users.

Sadly, as vaping gains popularity, the number of fake vape cartridges in the market increases, threatening the cannabis vaping process. The issue with fake vape cartridges goes beyond just having a phony item; this is an item you use to take a substance into your body which means you are vulnerable to contamination.

The number of patients at the hospital sick because of vaping-associated pulmonary injuries has also increased thus making it a dire problematic situation that needs to be addressed swiftly.

If you love and enjoy using a disposable vaporizer cartridge, you’ve got to ensure it is not a fake, and this article will help you. Generally, the first step to ensuring you don’t get a fake vape cartridge is buying from legit sources. Always ensure that you purchase the vape cartridges from a licensed dispensary: please don’t buy from anyone who is not authorized.

Here are some other helpful tips that can help you avoid purchasing a fake vape cartridge. Ensure that the license is authentic and it exists The first rule for ensuring that a vape cartridge is genuine is to check for a permit. The manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers should have rights, so it is probably fake if it is too difficult to verify its approval.


Legal stores and products should post their license number; this shouldn’t be ignored. Please check out The Bureau of Cannabis Control Website to check if a store is registered with a licensed retailer.

If there is no licensed number, the store is not regulated, and a lack of regulation means the store is running its show. You don’t want to get vape cartridges from a store running its show. Always check the vape cartridge packaging The packaging will always reveal itself; if it looks fishy, it is definitely fishy! The original vape labels will always have the following: A batch number, a packaging date, manufacturing date, manufacturer’s location, and many numbers.

If you don’t see these details on the packaging, please don’t justify it and don’t get it. You are looking at a fake product, and if you ahead to buy it, you will be putting your lugs at risk. Avoid fake copycats  There are lots of fraudulent vape cartridges manufactured by fictitious brands containing toxic products. These fake products are adaptations of famous brands with websites selling pack cartridges in 100s.

You will know it is a copycat when you see the counterfeit labels that mimic the legal cannabis brand, which means you should know the differences between the original and a copy. Read about the ingredients Many vape tanks contain diluents like propylene glycol, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, and vegetable glycerin. These oils are added to give the cannabis extracts a liquid consistency so you can easily vape.


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