Cannabis And Coconut Oil: The Wellness Power Couple

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Coconut oil’s surplus of fat is one of the reasons that it works so well in conjunction with cannabis. Dozens of states and several countries around the world have legalized medical marijuana for an array of ailments that have either scientifically or anecdotally been proven to be alleviated by cannabis. So. whether using it medically or recreationally, you’re reaping benefits from the plant whether you like it or not. Enter coconut oil. This practically-perfect carrier oil is packed with its own set of goodness and goes with cannabis like two peas in a pod. Before we go into the benefits of coconut oil, let’s not forget that THC is fat soluble. That means that the more fat, the more potent and sure the concoction. Coconut oil is loaded with fat to carry the weed into your system, but on top of it all, it turns out to be a good fat, also with benefits. Research shows that this saturated fat can actually help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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That’s right, the fats in coconut oil actually go forth and attack bad cholesterol, thus lowering it in the body. As THC is shown to bring blood pressure levels down, this becomes a winning combo for your heart and entire cardiovascular system.

Another exciting place where cannabis and coconut oil team up is in the anti inflammatory realm. Cannabis has been used against inflammation for millennia, with arthritis being an important example. Coconut oil, unsurprisingly, also has anti inflammatory properties. Plus, when used topically it can reduce the slight swelling and irritation of minor injuries.

The antioxidant properties of coconut oil create a synergy with cannabis when it comes to boosting cognition. Cannabis is known for elevating cognition and is even known to combat Alzheimer’s Disease. So the combination of the two is very brain healthy. People are able to make connections they were missing before and with continued use, the combo can bring much hope.

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Remember that coconut oil’s surplus of fat is one of the reasons that it works so well in conjunction with cannabis, and that’s another reason why the two paired make for a powerful pain reliever. Whether topical or imbibed, you’re going to get more relief with the combo than with one or the other on its own.

There are even more benefits, from an improved metabolism to reduced anxiety, so do your research on whatever it is that’s ailing you and see if this powerful combo is the right one for you and your cannabis journey.

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