This Grandma Went From Christian Minister To CBD Evangelist

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Published in Cannabis Daily

Joy Smith first tried CBD by recommendation of her son, during a time where she has having issues related to sleep and chronic pain.

The cannabis world is full of unlikely conversion stories, like that of former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who went from being overtly anti-cannabis to being a voice for the legal marijuana industry and an advisor to one of the largest weed companies in the U.S. today, or that of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who opposed legalization during his presidency but now sits on the boards of a couple cannabis companies.

One such conversion story is that of Joy Smith, a grandmother who went from preaching the Lord’s word as a Christian minister, to preaching the benefits of pure CBD as a hemp entrepreneur.

“I’ve always had a passion to see people healed and to help them find their purpose,” Smith said in an exclusive interview. “Being a minister was a natural result of this passion; and so is leading a CBD company. I have the distinct honor of seeing lives transformed and people truly stepping into their potential because of what CBD has done for them. Minister to CEO, believe it or not, was a very natural transition for me.” Getting Into CBD Joy first tried CBD by recommendation of her son, during a time where she has having issues related to sleep and chronic pain. At first, she was very hesitant, but ended up taking the leap after conducting enough research. “The relief was almost immediate and I became an instant convert.”

Following that great experience, Joy decided to start digging into CBD in detail and started testing diverse products containing the much celebrated chemical compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. It quickly became clear to her that the CBD industry was pretty much of a “hit or miss” industry. “Some products worked and others didn’t. I was also victim to some unscrupulous companies.”

Assuming many others had had similar experiences, Joy set out to create a company that not only provided the high-quality CBD, but one that also incorporated “radical transparency via stringent third-party testing and then making those results available.” Joy Smith – Picture courtesy of Joy Organics


The goal was to reach those who could greatly benefit but might otherwise be skeptical to try CBD, she said. Christian Cannabis? Knowing about Joy Smith’s past as a Christian minister, one might wonder: what do religions say about cannabis?

Joy quickly brought up a few religions that consider cannabis a sacred plant.

“Many other religions find issues with things like THC or alcohol, which can alter one’s mental state,” she said. “But I haven’t heard any well-informed, anti-CBD sentiment that is founded in religion, especially considering this compound in particular lacks those potentially negative psychotropic effects.

For me and my faith as a Christian, whether or not to use a plant that God created to help heal my body seemed like an obvious decision.”


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