Circus dog, owner break Guinness record for leg jumping


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(UPI) A Japanese circus performer and his dog broke the Guinness world record for a dog jumping over a human's leg during a show in Hong Kong.

The Super Wan Wan Circus, an all-dog and human circus troupe based in Fuji, visited Hong Kong for a Chinese New Year Show, where Jack Russell terrier Daifuku and owner Hiroaki Uchida attempted the Guinness record, which was previously set by fellow circus performer Ieyasu, a toy poodle.

Daifuku jumped over Uchida's moving leg 37 times in 30 seconds, besting Ieyasu's record by three jumps.


The canine performers in Super Wan Wan Circus, which include many dogs that were abandoned or rescued from shelters, hold numerous Guinness records, including most dogs skipping on the same rope and most rotations around a human neck by a dog in 30 seconds.

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