Girl Scout sells 300 boxes of cookies outside marijuana store


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(UPI) A young Girl Scout sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in just six hours thanks to picking a prime location -- outside a California marijuana dispensary.

San Diego marijuana store Urbn Leaf, which has started selling legalized recreational marijuana, posted a photo to Instagram showing the young girl hawking her Girl Scout cookies outside of the shop on Friday.

The girl's father said she sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in about six hours outside the store.

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Girl Scouts San Diego said the organization has no problem with the scout's location choice. The group said booth sales don't begin for another week, but girls are allowed to sell the cookies from wagons as long as they are accompanied by a parent of guardian.

"So if that's what they say they were doing ... then they were right within the rules," Girl Scouts San Diego spokeswoman Alison Bushan told KGTV.

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