The Elephant in the Room


"I think we should talk about the elephant in the room," said my husband.

"What are you talking about?" I asked innocently.

"The elephant... on the couch," he said.

I glanced over at the couch. Propped up in the corner was our new throw pillow. It was taupe and white and complemented the couch beautifully. It also happened to have elephants all over it.

"What about it?"

"Why do we have a pillow with elephants all over it?" he said.


I walked over to the couch and fluffed the pillow. All the elephants perked up nicely, as linen elephants are apt to do when you fluff them.

"I thought it was cute and the room needed a little touch of something interesting."

"And we think elephants are interesting?" he said.

"Yes, we do," I said.


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