White to Play

Pete Tamburro on

Published in Chess Puzzles

I ran across this puzzle this morning and realized that I don’t think I’ve ever used this old classic. Black is threatening to queen a pawn and you, as White, want to checkmate Black. It’s a very logical solution and yet quite creative.

This was a study composed by S.R. Barrell. 1.Qc3 Kb1 2.Qd3+ Ka1 3.Qd4 Kb1 4.Qe4+ Ka1 5.Qe5 Kb1 6.Qf5+ Ka1 7.Qf6 Kb1 8.Qg6+ Ka1 9.Qf6 Kb1 10.Qg6+ Ka1 11.Qg7 Kb1 12.Qh7+ Ka1 13.Qh8 Kb1 14.Qh1# If you got the idea right away, you can now tell people you once solved a mate in 12! It’s also pretty easy to remember to set up as you can see why those pawns had to be there.


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