White to Play

Pete Tamburro on

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This is a very instructive study as at first it looks like White can’t win: exchange one pair of pawns and then sacrifice the bishop for the other pawn. White is thus left with just a bishop and a draw; HOWEVER…

A study from Horwitz and Kling. The way White forces Black to make moves he doesn’t want to is worthy of remembering. 1.Be1+ Kb5 2.Bb4 b6 3.Be1 Kc5 4.Bf2+ Kd5 4...Kb5 5.Be3 Ka5 6.Bxb6+ Kb5 7.Bf2 Ka5 8.Be1+ Kb5 9.a4+ Kc5 10.b4+ Kc4 11.Bd2 Kd3 12.b5 5.Kxb6 Be2 6.b4 Kc4 7.Ka5 Kb3 8.a4 Bf1 9.b5 Be2 10.b6 Bf3 11.Kb5 Be2+ 12.Kc5 Ba6 13.a5 Ka4 14.Be1 Bb7 15.Bd2


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