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White has a weakness. Can you spot it and take advantage of it?


What you have to notice is that the White king, because of its placement on h1, is vulnerable to a back rank mate; thus, the White rook can’t move up the file because of the Black rook on c8. White’s first move, which has a bonus of threatening Qxg2 mate, is a dramatic way of rubbing it in: : From a game, Larsen-Ljubojevic, Milano, 1975

1...Qf2 2.Rg1 [2.Rxf2 Rc1+ 3.Qe1 Rxe1+ 4.Rf1 Rxf1#--a regular vacuum cleaner, that rook!] 2...Qxg2+ 3.Rxg2 Rc1+ 4.Qe1 Rxe1#

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