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Randy liked to give his children challenging games instead of television and video games. He incorporated the use of rebus puzzles into everyday life for his kids.

One day he made a rebus for them to try and decode. It was set up like this:

Some items were lying all over a church. The church was burning down, and this is the fate of the items.

Item one: Found near the front row pews. It was in the fire, and was lost.
Item two: Found near the front door. It was also in the fire, and was lost.
Item three: Found by the bell in the bell tower. Was away from the fire, and was saved.
Item four: Found in the bathroom. Was surrounded by fire, and was lost.

It took a while, but his children finally decoded the rebus. What is the answer?


Saved by the bell.

The third item was saved, and it was by the bell.

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