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In the Yosef family there are 11 children. 7 of them are girls named: Ilana, Tikva, Efrat, Ziva, Lilly, Zahava & Ronit. The rest are boys named: Ofer, Rami, Zalman & Ronny. You have to find out in which order they were born, according to the next 12 statments:

1) The eldest and the youngest are girls.
2) The second youngest starts with an R.
3) The first starts with a Z.
4) Ronny & Ronit were born one after the other, in that order.
5) Ronit is not the youngest, not the 2nd youngest.
6) The youngest child starts with a vowel.
7) The 4th has an M in his/her name.
8) Zalman & Lilly were born one after the other in that order.
9) The 7th ends with a Y.
10) Tikva, who was born 2nd, is older than Ziva.
11) Ziva is older than Efrat, yet younger than Ilana.
12) Both Ziva and Ilana are older than Ofer.


The childen were born in the following order:

Zahava, Tikva, Ilana, Zalman, Lilly, Ziva, Ronny, Ronit, Ofer, Rami & Efrat. Make a table containing numbers 1-11 and work by the way of elimination.


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